work from home DadTechnology has changed the way people work. It has allowed us to work almost anywhere. Many people are able to work from home, including Dads. I am a work from home Mom, so that is what I’ve been blogging about, but the same advice applies to Dads. As the Mother of four sons, you’d think I would have tackled this topic sooner. It was only recently, after having a conversation with our oldest son, that I realized there are many work from home Dads out there who could benefit from advice and support, and I suspect the number of work from home Dads will be increasing. He was talking about when they have children, he could work from home so he could be home with the children, “Like you were, Mom.”

I quickly pointed out to him that it’s great, but can also be a challenge. Moms or Dads who are trying to work and care for small children need to remember that if they want to get anything done with a child under the age of three, they need to either be sleeping or someone else has to be in charge of their care. There are also more options for Moms to get out and socialize with their kids. Libraries, churches and recreation programs run Mom & Baby programs, but what about the Dads? If you know a work from home Dad, please send him this blog post and let him know about Pajama Paycheque. Mom or Dad both need the same community to succeed and keep their sanity when they work from home.

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