woman working sitting on couchOne of the best things about running a virtual business and working from home, besides being able to work in your pajamas, is choosing your own hours. Knowing that I want to enjoy the short Canadian summer, I work extra in the spring “banking” my work, so that in the summer I can work a little less and draw from the extra work I did in the spring. I know not every business may be able to “bank” work and operate this way, but the beauty of having a virtual business is you get to choose your hours.

My other favorite thing to do is to schedule my work for Monday to Thursday, leaving Friday open. Knowing not everything gets done as planned, I have Friday to catch up on what didn’t get done earlier in the week. I would prefer to work more hours earlier with the hope that I will have Friday off. This is a very good policy to have, especially if you have young children. Knowing that they don’t always follow their schedules, get sick, get hurt or have an off day, this takes the pressure off because you have planned for the fact, not everything will be completed as scheduled.

By setting your virtual business hours, you are giving yourself an operating plan for the week. This is important because it also means you are scheduling hours when you will not be working on your virtual business. Just because it is a virtual business and you can work all hours, it does not mean you should!

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