There is no business life, personal life, balance - there is just life!

I enjoy working with people who want to make a difference, dream big, and take the steps necessary to make it happen NOW!

Together we’ll develop your goals and what you want to share with the world. We’ll look at what’s working and not working in your business, and define your dream.  Together we’ll create an action plan to get you there while enjoying the journey towards achieving your dream.

Together we will:

Make your goals a reality

Work through challenges

Develop actionable strategies

I love helping people create a plan to realize their dreams and achieve a life they never thought possible.

I  also am Independent Executive Director with Pampered Chef. To learn more about what I offer through Pampered Chef, please visit my Pampered Chef website. Over the years I have been recognized for many accomplishments including a prestigious legacy award and have the #1 business in Canada. I am a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, an ICF-accredited coaching program, I live outside of Toronto on 40 acres and spend a lot of time working in my pajamas.


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