Donna Sickinger, Get your FREE GuideMy name is Donna Sickinger and I understand the challenges of earning a pay cheque while working from home. My first home-based business began in 1984 after the birth of her first son. Not wanting to leave my new baby, I continued to work on a per diem basis with the accounting firm that had employed me before I began our family. Desiring more freedom, I became a “solopreneur” in 1986 to meet her desire to combine a career with my growing family.

Becoming my own boss was a dream come true, allowing me to have it all, family and career. But I quickly discovered working from home offers its own set of challenges. So many things are calling for your time and attention that it can be hard to stay on task. Or you end up working too much because you live where you work! By trial and error, I found ways to grow a business, raise four children, and still have a life, all within the same dwelling.

I also work as an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef. To learn more about what I offer(s) through Pampered Chef, please visit my Pampered Chef Website. Over the years I have has been recognized for my many accomplishments including a prestigious legacy award. As a celebrated leader in the direct sales industry.

A graduate of the Coaches Training Institute, an ICF-accredited coaching program, Donna lives outside of Toronto on 40 acres and spends a lot of time working in her pajamas.

I want to pay it forward and share my experiences and knowledge with solopreneurs to help you reach your full potential. I am known for developing successful business strategies and coaching others to achieve their dreams. Let’s work together to reach your full potential.

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