Introductions are scary. Business introductions are terrifying. However, making a good first impression is important when trying to establish a business relationship, and it’s said that we take only seven seconds to develop a first impression about someone. So, how do you make a good first impression? It’s simple, follow these guidelines.

  • Make eye contact and smile (but don’t stare at the person)
  • Have a firm handshake and limit your shakes to between two and four; otherwise, it gets awkward
  • Give the person your name, your job, and let them know why you’re talking to them (“Hi, my name is Donna and I’m a small business coach with Pajama Paycheque. I really loved your presentation about social media.”)

If you can manage these three things within those precious seven seconds you should make a good first impression. In general, be polite, sincere, and friendly. AVOID “CANNED” INTRODUCTORY SPEECHES AT ALL COSTS. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a two-minute long deluge of information.

Check out this humorous video for more information!

small business introductions


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